NAIITS: Reclaiming Lives

cfd12158-8bab-41d3-9df2-984acdfe7833Above: Marc Salomé Levasseur receiving his certificate - with Patrick Brennan, Executive Director McGill’s Institute for the Study of International Development at McGill University.
On October 26 to 30, one of our NAIITS students who is also an Indigenous Pathways board member, Marc Levasseur, had been invited to complete a special Executive Certificate on the subject of Reconciliation, conflict prevention and the promotion of a more inclusive society with the Institute for the Study of International Development at McGill University.
The background subject was the crisis that is facing the Canada in the relationship between indigenous and non-indigenous population and the need for reconciliation. Very strategic speakers and well-involved teachers came as Dr. Marie Wilson from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, the former Prime Minister Joe Clark and the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs of Quebec, Geoffrey Kelly only to name a few.

As discussed throughout the course, Christians who work to re-Indigenize their spirituality and fight back the assimilation that came within the Western Evangelization are part of the front line to work on the reconciliation throughout Canada. Reconciliation would not come with homogenization or assimilation of the Canadian or American society but through the acceptance of our diversity and one of them is well expressed in the Native Christianity.
Indigenous Pathways is one of the organizations who desire to see reconciliation coming. That certificate has also been a good moment of connection between our organization, McGill University and other participants.
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