My People: Inenimowin Circle, Restoring Faith

One of the things we discuss with women at the Inenimowin Circle and on Tuesday nights in Billings, Montana is that when abuse happens someone else has done something wrong and yet we feel illegitimate shame for it. We distinguish between legitimate shame when we have done something wrong, for which we need to repent and illegitimate shame that attacks our personal worth and tells us something not true and bad about who we are. Too many people bear scars of illegitimate shame.

During Inenimowin and weekly meetings in our community we talk about stories behind the scars. We talk about the emotions and the pain. We listen to women who have never told anyone before. We cry together and grieve. And we talk about a Friend who took up our pain, who bore our sorrow, who knew what it was to be innocent and to carry another’s shame, and who heals us by His wounds. By His grace, He is changing lives.
“I’ve been in and out of treatment centers, but I have never dealt with my childhood trauma. This came at just the right time for me,” states one woman during our meeting.
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