September 2016

NAIITS: 2016 Graduates and Annual Symposium

While camps were the main focus of staff energy this summer - wow do youth take a lot of energy - it seemed only fitting to report on a few “older” people as well. There were some amazing highlights to other ministry programs. One we know you will be excited about was the NAIITS annual symposium on Indigenous Theology and Mission.

We graduated five students - four with their masters degrees and one with his PhD!! What an amazing time of celebration hosted together with our partner, Tyndale Seminary in Toronto.

Thank You for helping to make our First Annual NAIITS Elijah Harper Scholarship Fund Reception a great success!

Above and right, Lakota graduate Kimberley Medicine Horn Jackson receives her MA in Intercultural Studies from Board member Siouxsan Robinson and Board and faculty member Wendy Peterson, PhD (ABD).

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 5.34.31 PM
Below, Anishinabe graduate Roger Boyer, receives his PhD from Board Chair Ray Aldred, ThD (Cand) and me. What an amazing group of graduates that these two represent.

Thanks for all you do with us - we hope you are as proud as we are at what you have accomplished!

Journey well friends…

Terry LeBlanc

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