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iEmergence PH: Building a cultural school with the Ata community!

It takes a community to build a school!

In the Philippines, iEmergence, together with the Ata community and Swito Designs Inc., continues to walk alongside each other to create this space of learning culture!


Panuluanan, the Ata school of cultural learning, is slowly taking shape. Last January, the community spent three days sharing stories of traditional architecture, and designed the cultural learning space collectively.

This March, the community started to prepare the two-hectare land to begin building the foundation of the learning space, with the support of community-based architects from Swito Designs. The community has also began the process of identifying local resources found within their ancestral land. We have been passionately working to support the Ata community’s aspirations by mobilizing resources for Panuluanan and by continuously seeking for partners to walk alongside indigenous people.

The Ata community needs financial resources to fund the construction of the foundation, structure, roofing and walls of each cultural structure designed by the tribal community.

We look forward to your support for this community-led project. Should you have any questions, please email us at

Visit us at!

My People: Journeying in a Good Way

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“I was blown away by the authenticity and wisdom the speakers shared. I am deeply moved.”

February 24,25 in Winnipeg, MB
Indigenous Pathways in cooperation with a number of local ministries hosted the “Journeying in a Good Way” conference. Unlike previous events of the past two years, this one was billed specifically as a “do not miss” event for those interested in exploring questions concerning Indigenous Culture and Christian Faith.

We had hoped for 100-150 people but within a week of registration opening we had 200; two weeks following, we had reached capacity at 230! Attendees were from a wide range of church traditions and mission agencies. In all, this was a powerful event with a significant impact.

Thanks to all who partnered with us to make this possible – especially Inner City Youth Alive.
16939650_1241205765933128_8636240604449871561_nWe’re not sure what the joke was, but we know that Terry was praying for the rest of them…

Just a few of the comments received:

“All the speakers were very clear and had challenging messages. Thank you for sharing your hearts. And thank you for helping to open our eyes and hearts to a different way of thinking! God bless you all!”

“I appreciated all the openness to conversation and listening to one another. This needs to happen again, I know so many people in my life that would benefit from a weekend like this. Thank you for your efforts in putting this on. It truly was a blessing.”

“Life changing conference for me. I see things differently. So very good to hear Indigenous speakers and to see so many practitioners and others to spread the message.”

Photo credits: (L-R) Christina Kroeker, CK Clicks Photography

NAIITS: Another milestone for NAIITS!


“It’s interesting how my life has taken a fairly significant bend in the road. I could never have imagined when I started with NAIITS, that I would end up doing what I am now!”

Meet Métis leader David Skene. David is our first graduate from the MA in Indigenous Community Development Studies offered jointly with Acadia Divinity College at Acadia University. Together with his wife, Liz, David lives in southern Ontario, where he works with YWAM. His ministry focus has been the development of community building activities for urban Indigenous folks and international teams fostering holistic community engagement.

David has witnessed, first hand, the challenges encountered by Indigenous folks trying to figure life out in the urban setting – struggling to make sense of their history, hoping for a better future. His many years of ministry with YWAM had taught him that communities should be the focus of his work – not simply isolated individuals.

And, that’s where NAIITS came in. With the scholarships and support we and others provided, on May 14th at Acadia University and June 1st at our annual NAIITS symposium graduation, David takes the walk – the first graduate from the Acadia/NAIITS MA in Indigenous Community Development.

Congratulations David!

If you are interested in what NAIITS is all about, or in studying with us, please join us at our annual symposium on Indigenous Theology and Ministry, held this year at George Fox University in Newberg, OR, June 1-3, 2017.

Check us out online at

Want to help other Indigenous students make a difference through education and training with NAIITS? Give today to the Elijah Harper Scholarship Fund and you can make a difference in the life of one student - and through them, Indigenous communities! DONATE HERE!

From the Director: Connecting the dots!

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“…he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit…” Titus 3:5

So often that’s what our ministries look and feel like: finding the dots on the pages of peoples lives, or the communities they live in, that indicate our Creator is at work— that there is something stirring. Then, with the skills we have been blessed with, including a deep compassion, we walk with them, joining one dot to the next. And, as the sketch on the front page makes clear, a picture of life emerges showing the active presence of God where only small dots once seemed in evidence.

Inenimowin and Humbled Hearts in Montana have done a tremendous job doing exactly that; helping people create whole pictures. Nestooaak and our other workshops have assisted in the development of meaningful new relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, connecting the points of life in ways that have created new and hope-filled visions for the future. iEmergence has worked alongside community members in the Philippines, Canada, the USA and elsewhere, to bring restoration of identity, renewal of hope and the reclamation of vision for peoples trampled under the foot of apathy and disregard. And, NAIITS continues to work with its partners to create the next generations of leadership through traditional and non-traditional educational programs.

New journeys have begun— journeys that will bear much fruit for the nations and their peoples!

~Terry LeBlanc

NAIITS: Reclaiming Lives

cfd12158-8bab-41d3-9df2-984acdfe7833Above: Marc Salomé Levasseur receiving his certificate - with Patrick Brennan, Executive Director McGill’s Institute for the Study of International Development at McGill University.
On October 26 to 30, one of our NAIITS students who is also an Indigenous Pathways board member, Marc Levasseur, had been invited to complete a special Executive Certificate on the subject of Reconciliation, conflict prevention and the promotion of a more inclusive society with the Institute for the Study of International Development at McGill University.
The background subject was the crisis that is facing the Canada in the relationship between indigenous and non-indigenous population and the need for reconciliation. Very strategic speakers and well-involved teachers came as Dr. Marie Wilson from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, the former Prime Minister Joe Clark and the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs of Quebec, Geoffrey Kelly only to name a few.

As discussed throughout the course, Christians who work to re-Indigenize their spirituality and fight back the assimilation that came within the Western Evangelization are part of the front line to work on the reconciliation throughout Canada. Reconciliation would not come with homogenization or assimilation of the Canadian or American society but through the acceptance of our diversity and one of them is well expressed in the Native Christianity.
Indigenous Pathways is one of the organizations who desire to see reconciliation coming. That certificate has also been a good moment of connection between our organization, McGill University and other participants.

Director of Indigenous Pathways to be honored by Acadia Divinity College

TL Head Veritas (1)
The Board of Trustees, Faculty, Staff of Acadia Divinity College, Acadia University, Wolfville, NS presented Rev. Dr. Terry LeBlanc with a Doctor of Divinity Honorary last Sunday May 10, 2015.

Terry is Mi’kmaq and Acadian in his 43rd year of marriage to Bev. He is the father of twin daughters and one son. Jeanine (married to Dan) and Jennifer are actively involved in the Indigenous community through their educational studies, vocations and churches. From his residence in the Philippines, Matt directs a community development framed ministry to Indigenous youth and young adults that is active in various regions of the globe including through his colleagues and fellow staff in Canada.

The founding Chair and current Director of Indigenous Pathways, and Director of the North American Institute for Indigenous Theological Studies (NAIITS). Terry also oversees iEmergence and My People, both of which are focused on building capacity with Indigenous people. In addition to 37 years of grassroots work in the Native North American and global Indigenous context, Terry has taught at various colleges, seminaries and universities. Reflecting his commitment to Christian education from an Indigenous perspective, Terry also serves as a sessional or adjunct faculty member at George Fox University and Evangelical Seminary, Acadia Divinity College and Tyndale University College and Seminary.

Author of numerous articles, theological papers and assorted book chapters, Terry has won several awards for his varied writings. In June 2010, for his work on the creation of NAIITS, Terry became the 28th recipient of the Dr. E.H. Johnson Memorial Award for Innovation in Mission.
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