My People

My People: Journeying in a Good Way

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“I was blown away by the authenticity and wisdom the speakers shared. I am deeply moved.”

February 24,25 in Winnipeg, MB
Indigenous Pathways in cooperation with a number of local ministries hosted the “Journeying in a Good Way” conference. Unlike previous events of the past two years, this one was billed specifically as a “do not miss” event for those interested in exploring questions concerning Indigenous Culture and Christian Faith.

We had hoped for 100-150 people but within a week of registration opening we had 200; two weeks following, we had reached capacity at 230! Attendees were from a wide range of church traditions and mission agencies. In all, this was a powerful event with a significant impact.

Thanks to all who partnered with us to make this possible – especially Inner City Youth Alive.
16939650_1241205765933128_8636240604449871561_nWe’re not sure what the joke was, but we know that Terry was praying for the rest of them…

Just a few of the comments received:

“All the speakers were very clear and had challenging messages. Thank you for sharing your hearts. And thank you for helping to open our eyes and hearts to a different way of thinking! God bless you all!”

“I appreciated all the openness to conversation and listening to one another. This needs to happen again, I know so many people in my life that would benefit from a weekend like this. Thank you for your efforts in putting this on. It truly was a blessing.”

“Life changing conference for me. I see things differently. So very good to hear Indigenous speakers and to see so many practitioners and others to spread the message.”

Photo credits: (L-R) Christina Kroeker, CK Clicks Photography

My People: Walking from Wrongs to Rights

Three years ago this past September, 70,000 Vancouverites took to the streets in the Walk for Reconciliation, committing to a new relationship between “settlers” and Indigenous Peoples. This past October (14-15) we took another step on that journey at a Nestooaak gathering called Walking from Wrongs to Rights. The event took place at Grandview -Calvary Baptist Church in East Vancouver, BC, located on unceded Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh territory.

Indigenous and settler-led workshops which helped to catalyze action and understanding around the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s recommendations were central and local Indigenous leaders shared how these recommendations could be worked out on the ground. Together, Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders mapped the new geography for fostering the work of justice, healing and addressing the implications for the church in discipleship, worship and spiritual formation. As we talked about reconciliation on the part of Settlers several clear ideas emerged:

1)Feeling guilty can and does happen, but going on to take responsibility is what makes it real; 2) Each person needs to take responsibility individually, asking “What does that look like for me?” 3) Repentance is contritely turning from sin to God; a decision to take responsibility. 4) Confession is transformation; 5) In a true apology, we enter into conversation with the wounded person, or people. 6) In Restorative Justice, you’ve got to tell the truth.
~Tim & Vivien Stime
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