My People: Journeying in a Good Way

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“I was blown away by the authenticity and wisdom the speakers shared. I am deeply moved.”

February 24,25 in Winnipeg, MB
Indigenous Pathways in cooperation with a number of local ministries hosted the “Journeying in a Good Way” conference. Unlike previous events of the past two years, this one was billed specifically as a “do not miss” event for those interested in exploring questions concerning Indigenous Culture and Christian Faith.

We had hoped for 100-150 people but within a week of registration opening we had 200; two weeks following, we had reached capacity at 230! Attendees were from a wide range of church traditions and mission agencies. In all, this was a powerful event with a significant impact.

Thanks to all who partnered with us to make this possible – especially Inner City Youth Alive.
16939650_1241205765933128_8636240604449871561_nWe’re not sure what the joke was, but we know that Terry was praying for the rest of them…

Just a few of the comments received:

“All the speakers were very clear and had challenging messages. Thank you for sharing your hearts. And thank you for helping to open our eyes and hearts to a different way of thinking! God bless you all!”

“I appreciated all the openness to conversation and listening to one another. This needs to happen again, I know so many people in my life that would benefit from a weekend like this. Thank you for your efforts in putting this on. It truly was a blessing.”

“Life changing conference for me. I see things differently. So very good to hear Indigenous speakers and to see so many practitioners and others to spread the message.”

Photo credits: (L-R) Christina Kroeker, CK Clicks Photography

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