My People: Thank you for Humbled Hearts!

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Phases from left to right: 1) her, as a child with siblings, hiding behind the couch while her parents partied, 2) her, as a teen, partying with friends 3) her, as a mother with children, hiding them behind couch from her abusive husband, 4) her, as a mother seeking God's light and healing for herself and kids.

Thank you for those who pray for growth and restoration every Tuesday and Thursday night for our women's and men's small groups in Browning, MT. It’s amazing how our Creator is responding.

My People hosted an Inenimowin Circle in Browning in May of 2014 to help people on their personal healing journey through abuse - but also to train people to lead circles in their communities. Humbled Hearts Women's Ministry in Browning, Montana on the Blackfeet Reservation emerged from that Inenimowin Circle.

Humbled Hearts began as one group in 2014, grew to three groups by 2016, meets every Tuesday night and have served about forty women in the community at one point or another on their journey. During one of the meetings, the women depicted their stories through drawings. Above you can see one friend's powerful depiction of her journey as she found safety to share it with us - and now you. Obviously we can’t change the circumstances, but the power behind Inenimowin and Humbled Hearts is that we walk through it together.

We bear one another's burdens, offering hope through our Creator’s and our love.
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