Each of the members of Indigenous Pathways contributes to its overall work in unique, though clearly interconnected ways. The members of Indigenous Pathways are:

NAIITS: An Indigneous Learning Community

NAIITS is a non-sectarian organization dedicated to encouraging the Native North American community to develop and to articulate Native North American perspectives on theology and practice. We encourage the development and implementation of Native North American learning styles and world views through encouraging the development of a body of written work that addresses biblical, theological, and ethical issues from Native North American perspectives in concert with those of other ethnicities who would speak into this context.

We seek to facilitate the creation of a written theological foundation for a) the visioning of new paradigms to reach Native North Americans and other Indigenous peoples with the Good News of Jesus; and, b) the contextualization of the Good News in Native communities. We seek to develop theological partnerships with other cultural communities of faith which will ensure the voice of Jesus is heard in all ways and will ensure biblical orthodoxy in all things. NAIITS is dedicated to genuine dialogue with the historical traditions of Christianity and values the written and living resources encompassed in these traditions.

Just when you wonder, "Are we making a difference?" God sends someone along who has been impacted by the work that we do to let us know, "Yes, you are making a difference."
Terry LeBlanc, Director - NAIITS

IEMERGENCE:Building Pathways

iEmergence is a non-profit/non-stock organization focusing on holistic community and leadership development in indigenous and tribal communities. We are a catalyst for building pathways for indigenous youth, young adults, their families and communities to engage in culturally appropriate holistic transformational development while training the next generation leaders to rediscover their Creator-given identity and purpose.

Our questoin was simple - “What is it that we want to contribute to this growing global Indigenous community, and how are we to support each other in understanding our Creator-given identity and purpose? ...we as the next generations have a unique role and understanding on how to see our culture expressed in a modern context without losing the values and worldview of our ancestors. It is a flow between the generations. As an organization, iEmergence hopes to model this idea.
Matt LeBlanc, Director - iEmergence

About Us

Indigenous Pathways is a community of organizations with unique identities and skills that have chosen to live together within one corporate legal entity in order to more effectively work alongside Indigenous people around the world. At present, there are two members of the Indigenous Pathways family. They are NAIITS, and iEmergence.

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